Actor James Caan: ‘For The First Time In History We Have A President That Is Doing Things Right. That Might Be The Reason Why They Hate Him So Much.”Do You Support Him?

In a recent interview on Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” Hollywood actor James Caan blamed the leftists for supporting protests and violence against President Trump and against every individual who supports him and voted for him too. Caan named Rep. Steve Scalise’s (R-LA) shooting, the brutality in Berkeley and Antifa protests as a …

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Hillary Clinton: ‘The Fact That Trump Is Our President Makes Me Want To…’

Recently on Comedy Central’s “Every day Show,” previous Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had some harsh words for President Trump and she claimed that the president must not “point fingers,” or set individuals against each other and added that Trump “doesn’t have any empathy.” Hillary stated, “Well, it’s so disappointing, Trevor. Because, you know, …

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Clint Eastwood: “Just f**ing Get Over It. We Possibly Have The Best President In The History Of The United States, You Better Accept It Or Just Leave And Go Whenever You Want.”Do You Support Him?

Another American icon, who in the same time happens to be a Republican, expressed his opinion about Donald Trump. He stated really wonderful things about our leader, just take a look below… Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood expressed his thoughts in a meeting with Esquire magazine, talking about all the individuals …

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Oprah Winfrey Says: “Trump Is Quite Lucky, I Would Have Won Easily Because He Is Not Working For The People Of America. Florida Shooting Is Clearly Trump’s Fault.” Do You Support Her?

“If God actually wanted me to run, wouldn’t God kinda tell me?” Oprah claimed. Daytime anchor person Oprah Winfrey sat down with CBS a hour sooner this week for a meeting, and she tended to, once more, rumors that she was thinking about a presidential run in 2020. “I was …

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